Terncy Working on 3-Gang US Zigbee/Bluetooth Wall Switch

Terncy (or Xiaoyan in China), the Shanghai-based company we’ve featured on this website on a few occasions, is working on releasing their first wall switch suitable for the US. Nothing out of the ordinary you might say, and even though, like the popular Aqara US switches, these use Zigbee 3.0, Terncy has also added Bluetooth capabilities to the switch. Add to that, the option for a 3-gang switch and it may start to make a few people notice.

The new, as yet unnamed switch, will come in single, double and triple gang variants, and is designed to work with the company’s own Zigbee hub, the Home Center. The Home Center itself connects to your network via an ethernet connection, but if you don’t have or want the hub, the good news is that the switch uses Bluetooth 5.0 for direct HomeKit integration, which includes its own HomeKit QR code, something that ‘child devices’ don’t tend to have. Even better, they plan on making both neutral and no-neutral versions. However, using the Home Center for Zigbee connectivity, you do get access to at least one other feature that seems to be quite unique…

Whilst the double and triple gang switches will have wires for each button, that correspond with the lights they’re connected to, if you accidentally connect the wires to the wrong lights, via the company’s app, you can actually reroute the path of the cables so that even with the wires mixed up, you can still set the switches to turn on the correct sets of lights, so there’s no need to undo the wiring once you’ve discovered your error. Pretty impressive. This has already been introduced to their Kujag range of switches which we’ll be reviewing soon.

Currently, Terncy has some products on, which includes the aforementioned Home Center, the Contact Sensor, that also includes a temperature sensor, the Awareness Switch, which combines a button, ambient light sensor, temperature sensor and dual motion sensors(!), the smart bulb socket, or you can get all of the above, with two bulb sockets, in their starter pack, the Terncy Smart Life Kit. You can see an overview of many of the products below;

The release date and pricing details aren’t available yet, but we’ll post more information on this new switch when we have it, along with a review, so you can see it in action.

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