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At the last count, according to our friend Bing Feng Yeh, there were 318 HomeKit apps (staggering), although it’s unlikely you’ll need more than a tiny fraction of these in all honesty. However, the latest app to surface, namely Configurator by the same developer (Matthias Hochgatterer) of the super-popular HomeKit app Home+ 4, has just surfaced, and it might just be the perfect companion to your preferred HomeKit app.

Whilst the new Configurator requests access to your Home data, as standard for any HomeKit app, this isn’t a HomeKit app in the usual sense, as you can’t create automations, set triggers or timers, or even control your HomeKit devices.

What it does do is present all of your HomeKit enabled devices with a quick and easy layout, and organises them by accessory Accessory type, Room and Zone. From there, when you click on one of these categories, like the Living Room for example. Although you can’t control the devices as such, you can quickly rename or rearrange the any of these categories or the devices within them in a quick and efficient manner, which is the central point for Configurator essentially. For devices that give out data, like temperature or motion sensors etc. you can view the information directly. The one exception to this hands-off approach are cameras, where via the ‘accessories’ section you can see a snapshot of all of your live feeds every ten seconds, as is the case in the Home app, with the addition of being able to click on the preview to get a live feed.

As we’ve already stated, this is more of a companion to your regular go-to HomeKit app, but it’s free and makes viewing, removing or renaming devices, rooms or zones very quick and easy.

You can download the app from the app store now – Configurator

Thanks to Bing Feng Yeh for the heads-up.

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