Meross HomeKit-Enabled Garage Door opener Now Available

Just under a couple of weeks ago, we reported on the HomeKit version of the Meross Smart Garage Door Opener, with the release of the product seemingly imminent. Well, as first spotted by Christopher Close at iMore, the Chinese company have once again been quick to get their latest HomeKit product to market, with the device now being available on for US buyers, with EU and UK versions of the same product to follow shortly thereafter via the relevant regional stores (our Meross contact stated 1-2 months), with pricing said to be EU€39.99 and UK£34.99 respectively.

Pricing is, as expected, pretty competitive, coming in at only US$49.99, although there’s a US$5.00 off coupon available at the time of writing, so this makes an already competitive product even better. Prior to this updated version, the Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener (model MSG100), was, like many of their products, only compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, and IFTTT. The HomeKit version – MSG100HK – adds our favourite Smart Home automation system, which now brings another budget-priced product to HomeKit users, and as already stated, is a lot cheaper than much of the competition. As with all Meross products, the device uses 2.4GHz WiFi for communication with your smart home.

The Meross device is also compatible with many of the main automated garage door motors, including Chamberlain, Craftman, LiftMaster, and Hörmann, although, before purchasing, it’s best to check that you have a compatible product that works with the make and model you have. this can be done by using the company’s own compatibility page.

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