BTicino Introduce New ‘Smarther’ Thermostat with Netatmo Functionality

BTicino, the Italian smart product manufacturer that’s part of the Legrand family, have introduced their new Thermostat, the ‘Smarther’ (a portmanteau of Smart + ther(mostat)). As with many other products that are a part of the vast line of Legrand smart products, the new product is promoted as ‘Smarther with Netatmo’ which essentially means along with making use of specific technology from Netatmo’s system, it will work with other Netatmo devices – specifically in the case of the thermostat, the Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves. This would allow tight integration with the Netatmo ecosystem, that allows for additional functionality, not always typically found with the other three smart platforms.

The Smarther (really not keen on the name!) is designed to be flush with your wall or with a more standard wall-mounted option*, and is available in three colours; Black – XG8002, White – XW8002, and Sand – XM8002, and will work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and, of course, Apple HomeKit.

* (wall-mounted version only available in white)

Here are some of the main features;

  • Temperature control and regulation anywhere and anytime;
  • Voice command and geolocation;
  • Control via smartphone with APP Home + Control;
  • Innovative Boost function;
  • Indication of the degree of humidity in the environment;
  • Management of multiple thermostats in the same house;
  • Management of thermostats installed in different homes;
  • Management of Netatmo smart radiator valves for control in every room
  • Recessed or wall-mounted installation;
  • Power supply 230Va.c.

The touch-display seems to make use of a matrix of small LEDs to display the main temperature numbers, along with specific icons for the different modes and controls. In addition, the front panel deploys a colour LED strip to (we assume) indicate the temperature the thermostat is set to.

As it is capable of using 100 – 250v AC at 50/60Hz, this should work almost anywhere that has the right types of cables attached to their current thermostat. It uses your standard 2.4GHz WiFi network for connectivity.

For more info, head over to the BTicino website –

Thanks to Daniel Feodoroff for the find.

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2 thoughts on “BTicino Introduce New ‘Smarther’ Thermostat with Netatmo Functionality

  • I don’t see that this will do cooling – certainly the existing Netatmo thermostat does not and as you mention Netatmo Smart TRVs are for radiators and hence obviously also not for cooling.

    This is clearly a product aimed at the European market. Here in Europe domestic HVAC systems are practically unheard of whilst a lot more common in the US. So the US version of the Nest Smart Thermostat can control HVAC systems for both heating and cooling but the EU version of the Nest Smart Thermostat can only control heating systems.

    There is however a small possibility that this ‘Smarther’ which I agree is a clunky name might possibly link also to the system mentioned here –

    • Hi John, yes that’s my mistake. I was thinking about HVAC when I was writing this up, forgetting that AC functionality isn’t very common in Europe.

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