Amazon Announce Eero WiFi 6 Routers – No HomeKit…Yet

As part of Amazon’s new unveiling ceremony, that included new Echo products, and a new Ring security camera drone (yes!), they also announced the expected updates to the Eero and Eero Pro line – Eero 6, Eero Pro 6 – which, unsurprisingly perhaps, take their name from the fact that they’re capable of utilizing WiFi 6 ( (IEEE 802.11ax).

However, despite the fact that their current Eero products are compatible with HomeKit, using HomeKit Secure Router functionality, the current lineup makes no mention of HomeKit at this time, despite what some websites are reporting.

This is all seems to stem from the Eero website originally listing HomeKit as a compatible protocol, within the details of the new products, alongside Alexa. The reference to HomeKit support in this section has since been removed, with no mention of HomeKit anywhere on the company’s site, at least when it comes to the Eero 6 lineup. This isn’t so surprising, as when David Zatz at initially unearthed the existence of these products on the site, where there was no evidence of HomeKit, particularly a location where a HomeKit QR code might be placed, which is typically the case.

There is a glimmer of hope, however, with the co-founder/CEO of Eero stating on the Eero SubReddit “we expect to support HomeKit on our full lineup”. This is quite a vague and non-committal statement, but there would be no need to make such a statement if there weren’t at least tentative plans to introduce such support.

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3 thoughts on “Amazon Announce Eero WiFi 6 Routers – No HomeKit…Yet

  • No homekit, owned by Amazon! NO freaking way is this coming into my network.

    • Luckily, Linksys is now another option, although one of the team got one when the first HomeKit news was accidentally announced, and found them to be very unimpressive, and not just for the fact that it didn’t have HomeKit.

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