Meross Release Low Cost Colour Table Lamp With HomeKit

Meross, fast becoming one of the go-to companies for low priced HomeKit products, have now released their latest product, a colour lamp suitable for a bedside table as a night light, or for any kind of accent lighting. First spotted by Chris Close at iMore, the new table lamp uses 2.4 GHz WiFi, as expected, is capable of 16 million colours, and includes physical control on the device, should you just want to manually control it. There’s no mention of the lumen count on wither the Amazon listing or the company’s website, however.

The tubular design, whilst nice, is very reminiscent of another product that has been around for a while, namely the Xiaomi Philips Bedside Lamp. Both products can be controlled with a button at the top of the device, although the Meross has the obvious edge here, with HomeKit compatibility.

Physical control is via a touch-sensitive button at the top which can accommodate three types of actions – single press, double press, and long press – just like a typical HomeKit wireless button essentially. These three actions are designated to do specific things, with one press turning the device on, as well as change the colour when it’s already on, a double press to turn the lamp off, and a long press to adjust the brightness. Although we don’t have one here to test, we’ll assume that full control of the colour and brightness is possible via HomeKit, although something like this isn’t always guaranteed, with the recently released Santala Lamp being capable of warm to cool whites, but only via the physical controls, and not via HomeKit.

For those who are platform agnostic, the lamp also works with Google and Amazon, and is available on now, priced at just US$34.99, if you use the US$5.00 off coupon, with the full price being US$39.99.

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