New Meross Lamp Arrives on

Just when you think Meross has taken a well-deserved break, the company has now released yet another HomeKit enabled table lamp, this time one that seems to be more for the EU market, with the lamp now available on Amazon’s German storefront. Whilst the new lamp already exists as a version that supports Amazon, Google, and SmartThings, as is the case with almost all of their products, this new version adds the all-important HomeKit functionality to its list of platform integrations.

As first discovered by our friends over at, The new lamp, uses 2.4GHz wiFi, is capable of the standard 16 million colours, and comes with a large toggle switch on the front with two indented push buttons. One button has the ‘power’ symbol, with the other showing a ‘WiFi’ icon, although presumably, these switches can also be used to control brightness and hue. The bottom section takes up approximately two-fifths of the height of the lamp with the remaining sections being the diffuser light itself, and a thin metal strip to separate the two main sections.

Just last month Meross released a similar product in the US with a different form factor, albeit with essentially the same basic functionality, so it’s interesting as to why the EU version and the US version are not available in the others’ territory…

There’s no information on how many lumens the lamp will produce at its brightest, but we’re going to suggest around 300lm, based on similar lights of this type, namely products by Yeelight and Mijia. Currently, the lamp is available on for €34.99, although there’s a discount voucher available, that takes 15% off the price, bringing it down to under €30.00.

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