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After a brief period of availability to Mainland China customers, the Aqara G2H camera (including a Zigbee 3.0 hub) has officially launched in the US today (October 9th). This means that customers who buy this US version of the camera will be able to add it to HomeKit, as well as the  Aqara app set to the US server. The camera, which is designed to work exclusively with Apple HomeKit, as well as HomeKit Secure Video (HSV), is priced at $69.99, although if you use the Aqara discount code AQARAG2H you can get a discount on the price, which in our quick test, took US$17.50 off the list price.

Up until this announcement, any Aqara G2H bought on the ‘grey’ market, via stores like AliExpress or GearBest etc. would be the Chinese model, which can only be added to the Mainland China server, which, for international customers could be somewhat of an inconvenience. This wouldn’t be an issue if you wanted to solely use the G2H with HomeKit, although given that the camera also has onboard recording via an SD Card slot and Zigbee 3.0 hub functionality, then things get more tricky if you’re not keen to use the China server whilst living in the US, as neither function are easily accessible without being tied to the correct server.

The G2H itself, as already mentioned, also acts as a Zigbee gateway, just like the current Aqara hub, but with the improved Zigbee 3.0 functionality. This will allow current Aqara (and some Mijia branded) child devices – as well as the forthcoming updated T1 range of sensors and switches – to be added to the camera, which, if you haven’t already got an Aqara hub, negates the need for a separate hub and camera.

Something more unique to the G2H is that sensor triggers and notifications are shown with coloured markers along the recording timeline, so you can see both when a sensor was triggered, along with a recording of the event – assuming the camera is pointing at the area the particular sensor is located in of course.

What isn’t mentioned on the company’s EU, US or international versions of their website is the four colour options. Currently, in China, you can buy the G2H in Red/Orange, Navy Blue, Yellow, or White. Aqara has confirmed to us that only the white model will be available in the US at this time.

The G2H comes with a slot for a micro SD card, allowing for local recording in addition to HSV recordings, via the Aqara Home app. The hub functionality and SD Card recordings are only accessible via the Aqara app. In the meantime, if you’re still on the fence about this new product from Aqara, you can check out our video for a little more on the range of things this diminutive product is capable of.

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9 thoughts on “Aqara G2H Camera Now Available on

  • They have good idea but since I got the Eugy homekit camera…. I don’t wanna change it again…

    and the problem of xiaomi is the app is slow… too much loading time.

    I am trying to replace the door/water/temp sensor once they die.

    • Aqara and Xiaomi are completely different companies and apps. Of course, official EU or US server will work very fast compared to Xiaomi Chinese server

      • Already got my Amazon app open and ready. I remember when the original Aqara Hubs were first launched on Amazon, they were gone within a couple days and took forever for stock to reappear.

  • Any news about of EU version?

    • I’ve heard it may be out in November, but I can’t confirm at this time, sorry.

  • Já possuo uma G2H e fiquei intrigado com a imagem de notificações que está vinculada neste artigo. Você usou o termo: “notifications timeline” onde mostra um linha do tempo que eu nunca vi no app da Aqara Home. Você pode me ajudar a entender isso ?

    • Hi, you need to have sensors connected added to the hub within the Aqara G2H for this to work. From there, any automations for the sensors in the Aqara should show up on the G2H timeline, with different colours, depending on the sensor type. So if a motion sensor is triggered, it will show up on the timeline in a specific colour at the time that it was triggered. If it’s a contact sensor that is triggered, then that will show up on the timeline in a different colour. This is how it was explained to me, but I only use the G2H as a camera and have no devices connected to it at the moment.

  • Yep, just as I predicted in my post above, the US version G2H is already sold out on Amazon. I was able to get three on launch day with the next day Amazon Prime delivery. Decided to get a few more and less than 24 hours later and the shipping date was pushed back to Oct 23-27.

  • There is also an update today adding more stuff to Homekit.Do you happen to know any more details?

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