Meross Release 10m HomeKit Light Strip

Last week was a news bonanza regarding Meross’ releases, and it really doesn’t seem to be letting up, with the recent release of an updated dual outdoor plug, and now a new Colour light strip (MSL320HK), measuring an insanely long 10 metres (33ft)! Aside from the length of the strip, which actually comes as two five-metre strips that connect together, the strip itself is fairly standard, with 16 million colours, double-sided adhesive strips on the back for mounting, and all the usual colour changing, and dimming capabilities you would expect of a HomeKit lighting product. The light strip also comes with 5 fastening clips, which we assume is to help keep things in place, given the sheer length of the strip.

As with many of their other products, the light strip not only works with Apple HomeKit but Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings, so regardless of whether you use all four platforms or just one, you’re well covered. Many light strips currently on the market, regardless of their compatibility, tend to hover around the 2-metre mark, with only Philips Hue offering a 5-metre outdoor strip, that incidentally can’t be cut to length. Philips Hue also released its rather pricy Gradient Light Strip, that is provided in different lengths depending on the size of your TV. Unlike the Hue Gradient Strip, the Meross option can only produce one colour at a time, like most other strips available – with two exceptions being the recently released LifeSmart Cololight Strip and the LiFX Z Strip.

Currently, the Meross strip is listed on Amazon’s German site with a list price of just €54.99, but it may well be available elsewhere soon, if not already.

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