LiFX Filament Available for Preorder in Australia

Australian smart lighting company LiFX today announced that pre-orders for its own take on the filament bulb, are now available, although currently only for customers in Australia and New Zealand. This comes over a year after the company unveiled a series of new products, which alongside the Filament bulb, included wall switches, the LiFX Candle White, and a LiFX strip specially designed for use on the back of TVs.

Oddly enough, not only were there originally two versions of the LiFX Filament, when they were first announced but neither of the designs of the actual filaments resembles the final version that’s available for pre-order. As with all currently available HomeKit compatible filament style bulbs, from the likes of Hue, Sylvania/Osram, and Yeelight, the colour temperature is fixed, and in the case of the LiFX model, that’s set to 2000K (warm white). It has slightly fewer lumens than the Hue version, at 500lm to Hue’s 530lm, and uses 6w of power (equivalent to a 40w traditional bulb), but according to the specs, can be dimmed to as low as 1%, with Hue only managing 10% (in our tests). It’s suitable for 110-120v and 220-240v  AC at 50/60Hz, so it should work practically anywhere, and uses WiFi 2.4GHz as standard.

The list price in Australian dollars is AU$69.99 (which works out at roughly US$50), which is considerably more expensive than Hue’s option, although being that it uses WiFi, there’s no requirement for a hub.

If you’re in New Zealand or Australia, you can pre-order the light bulb from LiFX own site HERE.

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