HomeKit Ventilation System Announced by Vortice

Italian company Vortice has revealed their new HomeKit compatible ventilation system, which consists of two separate products in the new Bravo range (stylised as BRA.VO), the BRA.VO M, and the BRA.VO Q. Both products offer the same basic functionality, with the former designed for larger rooms, and the latter meant for smaller spaces, like kitchens or laundry rooms.

The way in which it works, whilst similar to a typical air purifier, works by extracting stale or polluted air from the room, expelling it to the outside of the house, and replacing it with air from the outside, that is first filtered for impurities before being released into the home. Both devices monitor air quality levels as well as humidity, which is especially useful for bathrooms, where humidity levels can get high very quickly. Additionally, while many people would simply open a window to let humidity out, the loss of heat in winter months can create additional costs in order to maintain the temperature of the room. The BRA.VO system uses what is described as ‘Heat Recovery’ to minimise heat loss when filtering and replacing air.

The BRA.VO M is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms etc. and expels stale air from the room, replacing the air with filtered air from outside.

  • Quiet at all hours of the day
  • Autonomous operation thanks to sensors
  • Maximum comfort with minimum consumption
  • High heat exchange efficiency

The BRA.VO Q is Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms, sucking in stale air when activated with the light switch or when sensors detect the need to change the air.

  • Quiet at all hours of the day
  • Very low consumption
  • Available in wall and recessed version

It should be noted that these products aren’t the kind of DIY installation you would normally find with many HomeKit devices, with the company recommending professional installation.

In addition to HomeKit, these systems are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google. You can find more information on the company’s website.

Thanks to Lindon Yeh for the tip off.

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