Xiaomi Adds Smart Lock Pro to HomeKit Lineup [U]

Xiaomi’s smart home ecosystem has quite a few smart locks available in China right now, some of which are compatible with Apple HomeKit, like the N100, N200, and P100 from Aqara along with a small clutch of Mi branded locks, including the recently released Mi Smart Door Lock E. The company have now revealed their latest lock, namely the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro.

However, despite this and many of the previous locks having much the same form factor, it does have an alleged new feature, with the addition of not one, but two, cameras, at least according to If this is indeed correct, one of the two cameras is for general recording and monitoring of the outside of your home, with the second camera designed specifically for facial recognition, with facial recognition also being a claim made by French Twitter account Univers Xiaomi (@UniversXiaomi). Another source, claim that there are two cameras, with one acting in coordination with the doorbell to act as a peephole camera that also allows for two way voice communication, as expected of any standard smart video doorbell. However, one of our readers suggests that the second camera is, in fact merely a motion sensor, which would mean the sole camera would itself probably contain the facial recognition capabilities, if it does in fact have that option.

  • Update: We’ve since been informed by a company representative, that this camera doesn’t yet have facial recognition capabilities, despite being mentioned by the two aforementioned sources.

Despite these technological add-ons, it’s pretty unlikely that either of the camera/s will be exposed to HomeKit, with their respective functions almost certainly being solely accessible via the company’s own Mi Home app. The camera/s offer full HD (1920 x 1080px) streaming, as well as recording, to Xiaomi’s cloud service, with a 161º ultra-wide-angle FoV.

The lock also contains both a removable and rechargeable 5000mAh polymer battery that should last up to 4 months, as well as utilising 4 x AA batteries, that we assume are designed either for specific functions within the lock or as an emergency backup if the rechargeable batteries run out of charge.

In addition to the built-in camera/s, the Smart Lock Pro comes with all the usual extras that we’ve seen in the previous models. These include passcode entry via the touchscreen keypad, a fingerprint sensor built into the handle, which would indicate that only the thumb would be used for the most part. An option to use a standard key, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, which is the way in which the lock would function within HomeKit. The lock also has NFC, so if you have an NFC Capable Mi Smart Band 4 or 5, you can unlock the door without hardly even having to touch the lock at all. Finally, the lock also has an integrated doorbell, that we presume can be used in automations within the Mi Home app to trigger a doorbell sound via one of the compatible hubs, which would include the current Aqara gateway, if setup within the Mi Home app. As with NFC and the camera/s, it’s unlikely that the doorbell will be exposed to HomeKit, so when it comes to the lock in the Home app, it will offer basically the same kinds of functions as other Bluetooth smart locks.

The lock is due to go on sale in Mainland China for RMB1699, which roughly converts to €217,00 or US$253.00, although the price will almost definitely vary once it starts to surface on reseller stores. As it’s designed for mortice type locks, it’s unlikely to be suitable for most US doors which tend to use deadbolts, although, for EU doors, it’s generally more compatible.

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