QingPing Release HomeKit Compatible Air Quality Monitor

QingPing, the company behind the massively popular E-Ink temperature and humidity sensor we reviewed not so long ago, have a brand new product out that is once again aimed at monitoring the air conditions in the home, although in this case it’s designed to measure PM2.5, PM10, C02, as well as temperature and humidity levels.

Unlike the aforementioned E-Ink sensor, the new device, dubbed the QingPing Air Monitor Lite, utilises a single colour OLED screen, with almost retro-looking text for the main part of the display, which is 50 x 60mm (H x W). The total size of the device is 63.6 x 46 x 54.6mm (W x H x D). Above the main display are icons for battery levels, display mode, and WiFi signal, although it also uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connection to HomeKit apparently.

There’s also a separate colour LED strip above the display that changes colour depending on the quality of the air, with Sky Blue being the cleanest air, to Red meaning highly polluted. It uses a 2000mAh battery, so can be used without power for periods of time, and is powered or recharged via a USB-C port. To switch the display to show the different sensor readings, there’s an inset groove on the top of the device, with you simply having to sliding your finger along to do so, or simply tap on the groove itself to switch sensor readings.

Of course, one of the big points of interest here is HomeKit support, which is does indeed provide, as well as including support for Mi Home. Mi Home would be especially useful for those with Xiaomi Air Purifiers, that can be triggered via automations based on air quality from an independent source, although if you have an Air Purifier in HomKit, like the Vocolinc VAP1, then you can also do the same in HomeKit of course.

The QingPing Air Monitor Lite is currently listed on various AliExpress stores for around US$80.00, UK£63.00 plus shipping, although according to a QingPing representative, the Air Monitor Lite will not ship until next month, following a month-long round of crowdfunding via Youpin that starts tomorrow at 10am Beijing Time.

Big thanks to Krzys for the tipoff!

12 thoughts on “QingPing Release HomeKit Compatible Air Quality Monitor

  • How is this connecting to HomeKit? Bluetooth is to weak to cover the house for example. How can you make sure this device is reporting back to HomeKit?

    Bluetooth 5.0 in Pi4? Does that covers it? Or can it also communicate over the wifi?

    • Bluetooth HomeKit devices rely on a home hub (Apple TV, HomePod etc) to connect or HomeKit.

      • Thanks. My ipad is the hub. But the bluetooth is not reaching the hub. A sensor in the same room is reaching the hub. But others dont. How can we make sure i reaches the Hub or are there other connection options besides BT?

        • The only company I’m aware of that make a HomeKit compatible Bluetooth to WiFi gateway is Eve, and it only works with their devices. Which Bluetooth device are you having trouble with?

          • I have 2 qingping e-ink temp/RH sensors via bluetooth.
            1 in bedroom upstairs, does not reach Ipad hub in livingroom and one in basement. Same issue. Ipad needs to be realy close in order to get data. Or sometimes with my phone when i’m arround. But i need the data all the time to use for automations.

          • I live in an apartment on one floor, so I don’t have to contend with the Bluetooth signal getting through floors/ceilings, but that sounds like the signal isn’t strong enough to penetrate them. Whether an Apple TV or HomePod is better for Bluetooth, I’m not sure. The only other option isn’t HomeKit unfortunately, which is the non-HomeKit version of the QingPing sensor, which can be used in Mi Home, but can also connect to the same company’s Bluetooth gateway. The HomeKit version doesn’t work with their gateway apparently.

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  • Does it have actual CO2 sensor? I quite interested in measuring CO2 and ventilation.

    • Hi, I purchased one and it works perfect. The only problem I have is tahat the mi Home app does not connect to the device :-(. I am an Android user..

      • Are you on the correct server? I’m guessing this is only for the Mainland China server, so if you’re not on that server, it won’t show up as an option.

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