Aqara Release Latest D100 Smart Lock With HomeKit

At HomeKit News we do tend to feature news and product reviews from Aqara quite a lot, but for good reason – they seem to turn out very decent devices, at attractive prices, and with pretty good build quality – so why not. This is pretty evident when it comes to their smart locks, and with the latest product hitting Chinese online stores now – the Aqara D100 – it would seem that the company are really going for broke in terms of wanting to offer as many options as possible – at least when it comes to mortice style locks.

There are a few things that do set the D100 apart, one of which is that whilst it’s an Aqara product, it currently only works with the Mi Home app, not the company’s own Aqara Home app.

Aside from this, the new lock doesn’t have the traditional handle we’ve seen in their other HomeKit compatible models, the N100 and N200.

Instead, Aqara has gone for the type of handle you might more associate with the main outer doors to office buildings or department stores, with a pull handle that’s secured to the main plate at the top and bottom. This effectively removes one of the steps in opening the door – namely pushing the handle down to open the latch section of the lock, which means this is the first Aqara branded lock to be fully automated in this respect.

Like the N100, N200 and P100, the D100 contains a fingerprint reader built into the outward-facing handle, using a 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition module. The lock also utilises an MFi Chip along with a MJSC chip found in other Xiaomi locks, which makes it compatible with both Apple HomeKit and Xiaomi smart ecosystems.

As with previous Aqara locks, the D100 has an array of methods by which to open it, which includes the aforementioned fingerprint sensor, a built-in keypad, which allows different users to have a separate passcode assigned, either on a permanent, temporary, or date/time-restricted basis (for a dog walker or cleaner, for example).

The D100 also has NFC functionality built-in, so you can use Aqara’s new NFC key tags. As this lock doesn’t use either WiFi or Zigbee, relying instead on Bluetooth, like most HomeKit enabled locks, so direct connection between your phone and the lock is another method by which to unlock the door. As it’s HomeKit compatible, you can also use Siri to open the door, as well as include the lock in automations via the Home app. Finally, you still get the option to use a standard key, if all other methods fail.

As with other Aqara and Mijia branded smart locks, the D100 also comes complete with a doorbell fitting into the handle, that also features a backlit section that lights up when the doorbell is pressed, as confirmation to your visitors that the doorbell has been activated. The door itself is powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, that can last for around 12 months between charges, with recharging available via a USB-C connection on the lock itself.

As this is designed for Mainland China, at least for now, you’re only going to find this available in China based online stores like Youpin or, and as it’s a mortice style lock, it’s not going to be suitable for many American doors, unless you happen to have installed one of these types of locks, or are willing to install a new door of course. The list price is RMB1899, which is roughly US$289, although if you are tempted to order this from places like Banggood or AliExpress, if and when they become available, then expect to pay more.

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