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HomeKit Automations – Occupancy Light Sensor

With the lack of HomeKit occupancy sensors, I found an automation that would use a motion sensor to act in the same way.

Disclaimer: It will not be as perfect as an occupancy sensor but it’ll do some justice.

3 thoughts on “HomeKit Automations – Occupancy Light Sensor

  • I’ve tried that before and it wasn’t as good if you’re not moving enough (eg. sits on the sofa). I’ve tried with things like 10min checks but Shortcuts don’t work well with such long scripts. It might be good for hallways though. Not places like toilets, living rooms nor bedrooms.

    • Yep. It’s definitely not perfect but works well for certain places. Let’s hope some more occupancy sensors come onto the market soon

  • Will this work if my phone is tuned off, or I’m not at home?

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