Black Eufy Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera Surfaces Online

Way back over the summer, Eufy made waves in the HomeKit community with their two Indoor cameras, one being a fixed (but adjustable) camera, with the other, a pan and tilt option, but with much the same specs as the former. The big deal was the price point, but as with virtually all cameras that surfaced over the course of the last few months, they were made of standard-issue white plastic. It now seems that there’s a black version of the Pan and Tilt of the camera listed, on of all places, a pet website called ‘’.

The existence of this rather slick looking version of the Eufy indoor camera was discovered by Reddit user u/coryforman, who posted a link to the product in question. The listing on the dog-focused website might seem odd, but this and its white equivalent model do have features that are pet-focused, with options to add your own phrases that can be played over the camera’s built-in speaker, if your beloved pet decides that the couch is not out of bounds when you’re at work, or fancies rummaging around in the kitchen bin.

The camera appears to have all the features of the currently available model but comes in black plastic, which may help it to blend into darker areas perhaps. Either way, it looks great, even if it does look like it could’ve been designed by Darth Vader himself. The specifications for the new model, are exactly the same as the original white model, which features pan and tilt functionality (360º horizontal / 96º vertical), 2K resolution (scaled down to 1080p in HomeKit), 8 x digital zoom, built-in mic and speaker, an SD card recording option, as well as HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video functionality, while using 2.4GHz WiFi along with the option for wall or ceiling mounting.

You can order the camera from, which is selling them as 2-pack for US$89.00, with free shipping.

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