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Vocolinc MistFlow Smart Humidifier – An Overview

This is an overview video of the new Vocolinc MistFlow Smart Humidifier (VH1), compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

The VH1 is a companion device to the Vocolinc Flowerbud, being that it’s suited more for humidifying than making your room nice, due to the much larger water tank, although you can still use it as an aroma diffuser too if you want.

The VH1 is coming to the US in the new year, but if you live in Europe, it’s already available on Amazon.de for €69.99;

Check out the HomeKit code backup app ‘HomePass’ HERE;

the link to the full written review is below;

Vocolinc VH1 MistFlow Smart Humidifier (review)

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