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Aqara Hub M2

The long-awaited Aqara Hub M2 is now beginning to make its debut in Europe, with North America hopefully to follow sometime in the first half of 2021. Today we’re looking at the M2, what additional functionality it possesses over the original hub, and what you can expect from such a highly anticipated device.

You can also check out the full in-depth review HERE.

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7 thoughts on “Aqara Hub M2

  • Hello,
    If I buy sensor and camera from china, will it work with this EU hub I just received ?

    • Hi, the basic Mijia or Aqara sensors will work with the M2. Which camera are you referring to?

      • the G2H camera. should it work with any version or do I need to buy only the G2H EU version ?

        • The G2H camera uses wifi to connect to your network, so it doesn’t need the M2 to work. Additionally, the G2H has a Zigbee 3.0 hub built in anyway. If you buy the EU aqara M2, then it’s best to get the EU Aqara G2H, so they can work together on the same server in the Aqara app. The basic Chinese sensors and buttons from Mijia and Aqara will work with both the G2H and the M2 on the EU server.

  • M2 EU can also work on CN Server

    • Thanks for the info Mati, that’s good news.

  • I only use HomeKit mode, I don’t use the Aqara app at all other than to add new child devices. Does it matter in this case if it is the Chinese or EU or (eventual) North America version…? Could I buy a Chinese or EU M2 now, rather than keep waiting?

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