All Future Nanoleaf Products to Include Thread Technology

Nanoleaf has announced that going forward, all of its future product offerings will come with Thread as standard, as first reported by Dan Grabham over at Pocket-lint. This should, if correct, should include the company’s forthcoming ‘Learning Series’ switches and sensors, as well as rumoured updates to the Nanoleaf Tile, and further yet-to-be-announced devices.

As it stands, the only Nanoleaf products that benefit from the new and exciting mesh technology, are the Essential series, which currently consists of a light bulb, and light strip, both capable of colour and whites, the latter of which we’ll be reviewing soon. Thread is supported in its HomeKit efforts by the newly released HomePod Mini, which acts as what is described as an ‘edge router’, although certain hubs by both Amazon and Google also contain this technology, even though it would appear they aren’t being taken advantage of to any great extent.

At present, aside from the aforementioned bulb and strip, the rest of Nanoleaf’s line of products, which consists of Nanoleaf Tiles, along with the Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons, Triangles and Mini Triangles, are mainly reliant on WiFi for a network connection (the Nanoleaf Remote uses Bluetooth), so this is quite a big and bold step for any company, but one that will over time, make the protocol more widespread, as well as boost sales of Thread edge routers, not least of all the HomePod Mini, not that it needs a boost…

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  • I bought a bunch of nanoleaf essentials bulbs and strips and for the most part love them and thread… yesterday one of my strips was unresponsive though and took a full reset of it and my HomePod mini to get back. Was hoping thread would keep such problems from ever happening

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