Owl MultiSensor and Alarm Announced

Ontario, Canada based company, Owl have announced HomeKit support for their forthcoming multisensor alarm product, the Owl Wired, which is due to start shipping in late summer of 2021, whilst preorders are available now, via the website.

The Owl Wired is an all-in-one device that contains sensors to detect carbon monoxide, motion, noise, temperature and humidity, as well as coming with a built-in alarm. The Owl Wired comes with a customisable, multicolour LED ring to alert you of potential issues relating to smoke or CO detection, along with the 98dB siren that we presume works alongside the LED, although we’re not certain whether the siren also works in conjunction with the motion or sound sensors.

As per the name, the device is powered by mains electricity, and can use anything between 120 – 430V DC, although in cases of a power outage, it comes with a sealed lithium-ion battery that can keep the device powered for up to three months if necessary.

The Owl Wired connects to your HomeKit Home using 2.4GHz WiFi but also has Bluetooth 4.2 built-in. The company claims that their device will come with “HomeKit support out of the box” alongside support for Amazon, Google and IFTTT, although, as many of our readers have seen before, it’s wise to be cautious of promises that in some cases end up not being fulfilled till much later, if at all.

When it comes to further details on one of the sensors within, the motion sensor uses microwave RADAR, as opposed to a PIR sensor, so that’s a bit of a departure from many other motion sensors we’ve seen.

The Owl Wired comes in two finishes – black and white, with the Black model being U$10 more expensive. The Owl Wired White is currently available for pre-order at U$139.00 (full price $169.00), whilst the Black model is priced at US$149.00 (pre-order), with the full price going up to US$179.00.

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3 thoughts on “Owl MultiSensor and Alarm Announced

  • Seems like a nice all in one sensor indeed and if it’s all exposed to HomeKit that’s nice, but let’s see. I’m just missing the light sensor in the whole package to see when it’s necessary to turn on lights. 😀

    • The sound sensor will probably not be exposed. I just hope that they do deliver HomeKit compatibility. Seen too many empty promises.

  • only photoelectric and no ionization sensor for smoke detector 🙁 . No GO

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