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Aqara Rocker Switch (no neutral)

An overview of the Aqara Rocker Switches suitable for the US, a switch available in four different options that have actually been around for about a year now. I’ve only recently been able to get my hands on them though, but it’s always good to look on a product that has had time to mature and iron out any potential issues.

Check out Eric’s YouTube channel, Modern Day Tech – https://www.youtube.com/c/ModernDayTech

To see how Rey G installed his switches, check out the following video – https://youtu.be/qxdwY1Ih8bY?t=219

You can buy both the single and double rocker switches – with or without a neutral wire, from Amazon.com via the links below (affiliate links);

You can also read the full in-depth review HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Aqara Rocker Switch (no neutral)

  • Great review!
    Are these switches compatible with the “Flex Switch” options?

    • Hi, I’m not sure in what way you mean are they compatible. The Aqara switches can’t be used in a traditional 3-way switch configuration, so if they’re used at the same time as a Flex switch to control the same light, then they won’t work.

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