Nanoleaf Update Brings Adaptive Lighting to ‘Essentials’ line

Canadian smart lighting company, Nanoleaf today released an update to their own app that brings Apple’s Adaptive Lighting functionality to their ‘Essentials’ lineup. Currently, the Essentials line only includes their smart LED strip and smart bulb, both of which are capable of colour and whites. As they’re capable of producing warm to cool whites, with this latest update, they can now work with Adaptive Lighting, which allows suitable bulbs, lamps or strips to change their colour temperature throughout the course of the day to assist in both relaxation (in the evening) and productivity (in the daytime).

You will have to ensure that both your bulbs and strips (if you have them) are on the latest firmware (1.4.22, or 1.4.29 in the case of the light strip) in order to take advantage of this functionality, which can be updated via the Nanoleaf app (v5.2.0).

Nanoleaf already offers its own version of Adaptive Lighting, called Circadian Lighting, which seems to offer even more customisation than Apple’s offering. It would seem from via one of our colleague’s previous tests with the beta version of Adaptive Lighting and Nanoleaf products, you can only have one or the other option set up, so for a fuller HomeKit integration, Adaptive Lighting may be the way to go.


Currently, the smart strip and bulb support both Bluetooth and Thread, with the HomePod Mini acting as a Thread ‘border router’ for these devices. It’s claimed that Thread support will also be coming to Nanoleaf’s Shapes product line, which includes the Hexagons, Triangles, and Mini Triangles, but not the Nanoleaf Canvas (square panels), or the original triangular panels, previously called Nanoleaf Aurora.

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