Aqara’s Anticipated EU Smart Switches Surface

If you’re one of our regular readers, you’ll no doubt notice a lack of news recently. However, Aqara always seems to have something for us to report, and on this occasion, it’s evidence that the forthcoming EU Aqara wall switches have surfaced on Polish website, who have posted a series of images to share these ‘new’ devices in advance of the hopefully close official release.

Rather than go with a completely new design, the EU rocker switches are basically the same as the H1 switches already available to Chinese consumers. For the EU it would seem that the switches will only come in single and double rocker variants for the time being, and possibly only in the white option, with the Chinese H1 switches being available in Grey, White, and Gold (we have the wireless H1 grey double rocker here on test – review to come).

Importantly, these are Zigbee 3.0 and are designed to work with Aqara’s Zigbee 3.0 hubs, including the M2 and M1S, although it may be that these will work with the original M1 Aqara Hub. Aqara will be offering these switches not just in single and double rocker format, but also with or without a neutral wire. The example above is a single rocker with no neutral. As you can also see from the images above, the switch is specifically designed for EU switch recesses, with a rounded rear section, and a backplate with four fixing screw holes.

The H1 switches come in two separate parts, making it easier to fix the switch into position; the part that connects to the wires and affixes to the wall is separate from the rocker switch portion, with the switch connecting to the backplate via clips and a small pin connector for electronic signals.

Hopefully, this means the new switches are just around the corner, but as can be made out from the display graphic in the background of many of these images, the HomeKit logo is apparent and welcome!

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