Meross Add Baby Night Light to HomeKit Lineup

Last year, Chinese company Meross went all-in on HomeKit, with an avalanche of smart device releases, and although we’re only just into 2021, the company has launched their latest HomeKit-enabled device, the Smart Cherub Baby Machine – essentially a colour night light with a built-in speaker. The night light is, as expected, exposed to HomeKit, although it’s unclear if the audio side of things is, which is doubtful anyway. The speaker can generate eleven different sounds, all apparently “expert recommended”, that are designed to relax your toddler to slumber. These sounds include White Noise, Fan, Rain, Ocean Wave, Thunder, River, Bird, Forest, Music Box, Crystal Ball, and Lullaby.


The night light is full colour and can be programmed to use certain colours to teach your child when it’s time for bed and when to wake (good luck with that…). The lamp is a rounded, four-sided pyramid type shape, with roughly the lower fifth of the lamp being taken up with an off white base, whilst the rest is all light. The top of the device has a series of manual controls that can be rotated and pressed. As with all of Meross’ devices, the lamp uses 2.4GHz WiFi, and in addition to HomeKit, also supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings.

This is the company’s third lamp to gain HomeKit support, so it remains to be seen what else in their range will get the upgrade this year. Our bet is that their essential oil diffuser, currently not compatible with HomeKit will be in line for an update. Let’s wait and see. the Smart Cherub Baby Machine is available to order on for US$59.99, although at the moment there’s a 20% discount coupon, taking US$12.00 of the list price, making it only roughly US$48.00.

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