Eve Delivers Promised Thread Update to 2nd Gen Aqua

Back in November of 2020, Eve announced its intention to jump firmly into the Thread camp, with updates to many of their products that would receive an update to enable Thread functionality. This included the latest generations of their door & window sensor, Eve Energy, Eve Thermo, and the 2nd gen Eve Aqua. All of the aforementioned devices have now received these updates, with the Aqua now getting its own Thread update, as promised.

Of course, to take advantage of this update, you will need the HomePod Mini, which is currently the only Thread Border Router that is HomeKit compatible. Without the HomePod Mini, any Thread enabled devices can still be used, although they revert to the standard Bluetooth connection, as a backup.

The Eve Aqua, in case you’re not aware, is a smart water controller that fits on your outside tap, enabling control of the flow of water either manually, via automations or with the use of schedules. With the addition of Thread, what was once a bit of a trial in terms of ensuring that the Bluetooth signal could reach one of your Home Hubs (Apple TV or HomePod) from outside (where the Aqua would typically be used), with the Thread update, this is much more of a non-issue due to the mesh network that Thread enabled devices create, that, much like Zigbee, can help spread the signal further than it would otherwise be able to do so.

The Eve Aqua is available now on, priced at US$99.95.

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