Wemo Wireless Switch Now Available, Thread Support Due Later

The Wemo Stage Scene Controller has finally landed, and is available to order, for $49.99, which may seem quite pricy compared to the latest iteration of the Hue Dimmer Switch, but as we predicted back in February, Wemo has also announced that the Wemo Stage is “Thread ready”, which essentially means it’s doesn’t work with your HomePod mini using Thread right out the box, but an update will follow to allow this at a later date. If we’ve learned anything since the launch of Thread, late last year, if Thread is part of the equation, cost becomes merely a secondary concern!

For now, users will have to make do with regular Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity, which still requires either a direct connection to your phone or any Apple ‘Home Hub’, like an Apple TV or a HomePod/Mini. Because of Bluetooth connectivity in the first instance, and Thread support further down the road, this means that the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant aren’t supported, which essentially makes the Wemo Stage a HomeKit exclusive, at least until such time the aforementioned platforms add Thread support.

You can order the Wemo Stage Scene Controller directly from the Belkin website, for $49.99, with free shipping.

Big thanks to Bing Feng Yeh, for his accurate prediction of Thread support for his device!

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