HomeKit Functionality Added to Sensibo Pure Air Purifier

As reported by Ben Mayo at 9to5mac, Smart AC controller company Sensibo have now added HomeKit functionality to their smart Air Purifier, the Sensibo Pure. This follows on from the company’s first HomeKit compatibility update, in the Sensibo Air, an AC controller to make your ACs smart (check out our review of the Sensibo Air HERE).

Like some of the more recent HomeKit compatible air purifiers that have come to market, like the Vocolinc PureFlow, and the new Smartmi P1, the Pure uses a HEPA13 filter, that can provide 99.97% efficiency in removing harmful PM2.5 from the air that you breathe in the home, as well as provide a measure of protection against dust, smoke, mold spores, and even some larger bacteria and viruses, although information needs to be qualified as to how much protection HPS 13 filters can provide against the latter two.

The Pure offers an exclusive feature called ‘Pure Boost’ which seems to intelligently boost the strength of the fan inside the purifier, using smart sensing technology, so that it only comes on when it’s not going to interrupt someone, whether they’re asleep, watching TV or are otherwise within earshot of the purifier.

The Sensibo Pure is currently on offer via the company’s website for US$159.00, with the normal list price being $199.00. Replacement filters also sell on the website for US$120.00 for a 2-pack of filters.

More information on the company’s products can be found on

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