New LiFX Smart Switch Coming For US Market

Australian smart lighting company LiFX is releasing a new wired smart switch for the US market, that not only allows smart control over standard lights but can also control smart bulbs too. The new LiFX Smart Switch comes ina standard 1-gang, double ‘rocker’ configuration, to control two sets of lights independently, and is available in both black and white variants.

Like the previous-gen smart switches, these new models also feature backlit buttons to more easily find them in the dark, although the former did also offer 3 and 4-switch versions, which were only really available in places like Australia and New Zealand.

The main difference to these switches compared to products from the likes of Lutron for example is that these switches can also be programmed to control other smart devices in your home, instead of the switches they’re wired up to, which also includes smart bulbs. The switches can also be made to control other home appliances, like ceiling or bathroom fans.

The LiFX Smart Switch is compatible with standard US switch recesses and will fit other standard faceplates, including multiple gang plates if you want to mix and match this with other switches. LiFX is currently taking preorders for the switches via their website, offering a 20% ‘early bird’ discount, which brings the price of these down from the MSRP of $49, down to just US$39. Further discounts are available via other bundles they offer. More information can be found via the LiFX website.

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