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Sensibo Pure Air Purifier

The world’s most advanced smart air purifier that will keep you healthy and energised​ and the only air purifier powered by Pure Boost™.  With makes our smart sensing technology, it makes air quality better.

Smart protection against viruses
Pure Boost, equipped with our strong HEPA & Carbon filters, removes particles as small as 0.1um and protects against viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, bad odours.

Stronger air filtration
When you leave home, Pure Boost will set the purification on turbo mode, so that when you come back, the air is safe and clean.

Always on, smart sensing
Equipped with an indoor air quality sensor, Sensibo Pure measures 24/7 your indoor air quality and turns on and off autonomously.

Set and forget
Sensibo Pure automatically adjusts its operation, based on the people in your home, the indoor air quality, the pollution outside and the time of day.

Pollutants Viruses, Bacteria, Mold Spores,PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Pollens, Smoke & Odors, Dust
Airborne particles down to 0.1um
Room Size Coverage 173 ft²  (16 m²)
With Pure Boost* up to 294ft² (27 m²)
Dimensions (WxLxH) 7.68” x 7.68” x 15.28” (195mm x 195mm x 388mm)
Sounds levels 53 dB
Apps iOS, Android, HTML5
Radio WiFi 2.4GHz and Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
Weight 4.28 lbs (1.94 Kg)
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Filters 3 phases filtration system: Pre-Filter, HEPA Filter and Active Carbon Filter
Filter Life 6 months in typical conditions and usage
Electric Input 100-240V 50/60Hz
Voice Assistants Amazon Echo Alexa, Google Home/Assistant, Siri Shortcuts
Cord Length 6′ (183 cm)

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