Aqara H1 Wired/Wireless Switches Launch in Europe

After unofficially surfacing in a few places earlier this year, Aqara has announced the launch of its first smart wall switch targeted for the European market, the Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 EU. The Wall Switch H1 EU series is Aqara’s first smart wall switch supporting both round European wall boxes and 86 mm square wall boxes. It’s available in Single and Double Rocker versions, as well as in With Neutral and No Neutral versions. Along with the Wall Switch H1 EU, Aqara also introduced the latest Wireless Remote Switch H1 (Double Rocker) to the European market.

Both the Wall Switch H1 EU and the Wireless Switch H1 support the Zigbee 3.0 protocol with better stability, compatibility, responsiveness and energy efficiency. Both switches share the award-wining design with a metal frame, which makes the switches more rigid and durable. Moreover, the combination of the Wall Switch H1 EU and the Wireless Switch H1 can be used in a 2-way switch setup without extra wiring, or to upgrade the existing 2-way setup to a smart one, so that users will be able to control the light or other device from two different places similar to using two hard-wired 2-way switches, or even from any part of the room by voice commands or via local automations.

The Wall Switch H1 EU is compatible with major smart home ecosystems and voice assistants, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and more. The availability of With Neutral and No Neutral versions makes it fit almost all homes, while the With Neutral version supports extra features such as power monitoring and overload protection. Other features of the Wall Switch H1 EU include:

  • Convert to Wireless Switch Function: The button of the switch can be remapped so that you will get an extra “wireless switch” while the light or other device will be controlled by automations;
  • Overheat Protection: Users can be ensured that their homes are safe and secure;
  • LED Indicator Behavior Setting: Users can configure the LED indicator via the Aqara Home app, choosing to turn it off completely, turn it on when the switch is on, or vice versa.

The Wireless Switch H1 is a HomeKit-compatible remote switch to control Aqara devices and other HomeKit accessories or to switch between smart home scenes. It comes with a double rocker and recognizes seven configurable actions including single click, double click, long press, and dual-button press. It also supports the High-Speed Click Mode, which reduces the response time down to 50 milliseconds. The Wireless Switch H1 also features a 5-year battery life, the longest so far among all Aqara battery-powered devices.

The Wall Switch H1 EU and the Wireless Switch H1 are expected to be available in various European and Asian countries via authorized Aqara distributors in the following months. Please check with your regional distributor(s) for product availability.

You can check out our ‘First Look’ Article for the H1 below;

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