Brilliant Add HomeKit Support to Smart Dimmer Switch

Today, Smart Light Switch manufacturer Brilliant announced official HomeKit support has finally been added to their Smart Dimmer switch. I say ‘Finally’, as the company originally issued a press release to this effect way back in January of 2020Whilst the switch has only just gained HomeKit support, it is already compatible with Amazon Alexa and “Hey Google” (or whatever variant they’re using this week…), as well as integration with smart bulbs from the likes of Philips Hue, LiFX, TP-Link, Wemo and even works with Sonos audio products.

Support is here now though, which is all that matters, and the company are offering the new switch at U$69.99, in four colourways – White, Almond, Grey, and Black.

The Switch itself includes a few more tricks up its sleeve than many dimmer switches, however, including a motion sensor, which will turn the light off when it senses that a room is no longer occupied. The whole switch uses capacitive touch, so you can press anywhere on the switch itself to turn it on or off, and the switch also has the option to control scenes with a double-tap, although this only applies to scenes in the Brilliant app, not HomeKit scenes. The switch also features a night light, and as already mentioned, can even work with smart bulbs, so not only do you get dimming, but colour too if you so wish.

The dimmer requires both a neutral & ground/earth wire, and supports up to 500W incandescent and halogen, up to 200W LED and CFL, dimmable, single-pole, 3-way, and multiway lighting (all switches in a 3-way or multiway circuit must be Brilliant Switches or Control Panels). Magnetic low voltage (MLV) lighting not supported.

Although not as widely announced the proposed HomeKit integration for their smart plug has also arrived, which was announced last year, although smart plugs are such a crowded market these days, so it makes little sense to add HomeKit support anyway.

The Brilliant Dimmer is available now on Amazon for US$69.97 in all four colourways.

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