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3 products to BUY and 3 to AVOID for your smart home (2021 edition)

Eric Welander: In this video let’s look at some of the smart home products that stand out to me over time as ones to buy and others you might want to avoid.

3 thoughts on “3 products to BUY and 3 to AVOID for your smart home (2021 edition)

  • Really enjoyed this topic! There are so many Smart Home Devices that seem great when you first get them, but after four or five months you discover that there are multiple issues. Or, as with the air purifier you mention, the company stops selling the necessary replacement parts. So I appreciate your going back and revisiting items you’ve previously reviewed.

    We’ve had a really frustrating experience with the Eve aqua. I love the design, and since I am in a wheelchair, this is a really helpful Device category. And, like you, we have a number of other Eve Devices and I’ve always liked them. I also aesthetically love the design of the eve aqua.

    But we’ve now had four over three years because while they will work great for a few months, or even just over a year, eventually they start leaking and no one has been able to find a fix. I’ve had the house repair guy, the yard maintenance crew, and even the plumber look at it and it’s just not fixable.

    originally we had one for the front yard. It started leaking when it was just out of warranty. We bought a replacement and one for the backyard, because again, we liked everything about it except the leaking issue and I thought maybe someone had stepped on it while trying to reach a light that is above that location. So we even made a little wooden cover for it to avoid that possibility

    Both of those worked well for a while, but then the one in the backyard started leaking. We bought one more (that was a bad decision) and then when the new one in the front yard started leaking, we just gave up on the model and replaced it with a similar but not as nice Wi-Fi device that doesn’t have HomeKit integration.

    I hadn’t thought about the constant water pressure issue and old faucets and I suppose that might be part of the problem, but because the problem takes several months to appear each time I’m thinking it must more be something with the Eve itself. Especially since replacing the eve with a new one gave us another six or eight months leak free.

    That was a particularly frustrating experience because we did really like everything else about it. But so it goes. Sometimes it just takes time to see how a device will hold up.

    • Thanks for the input. It would seem Eric’s opinion on the Eve Aqua is pretty accurate, if your experience is anything to go by. It’s a shame they don’t seem to have addressed this problem.

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