Aqara G2H Update Brings Additional Device Compatibility [update]

UPDATE: Aqara found a few issues with the 2.2.2 update so decided to pull it to avoid further problems, but now a new issue has started to roll out – 2.2.3 – which fixes the issues created for those that managed to update to 2.2.2 before it was removed, whilst adding the extra features and compatibility with child devices as originally intended.

Aqara today began to roll out a new firmware update for their very popular Smart Camera, the G2H Camera Hub. The new update, which appears to be global, is shown in HomeKit as version 2.2.2, or 2.2.2_0002.0526 in the Aqara Home app, provides the usual bug fixes, but now states that additional devices are now supported. One such device that has since been internationally released was the Aqara TVOC Sensor (read our review HERE), which up until this latest update, was not actually fully compatible with the G2H, which allowed the multisensor to be added to the hub, but alas not expose it to HomeKit.

With the new update, the TVOC sensor is now exposed to HomeKit and therefore fully compatible. Other devices that are now able to be added to the G2H, and get exposed to HomeKit include the H1 Wireless and H1 Wired EU switches, the forthcoming Roller Shade Driver E1, and the Wired and Wireless E1 Switches (the latter two are currently ‘China-only’ products).

In order to update to the latest firmware, log into your Aqara account, click on ‘Profile’ and select Firmware Update to check. If it’s not listed yet, it’s just a matter of waiting for it to roll out to your region, which should be very soon.

Thanks to Richard B Line for the heads up.

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11 thoughts on “Aqara G2H Update Brings Additional Device Compatibility [update]

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  • After this firmware update the replay is very fast like 4x, but its set to normal. Pls help somebody.

    • It’s the same for a lot of people, including myself unfortunately. If you email to let them know, they might have a fix.

  • Is there a current list of what child devices G2H exposes to HomeKit?

    • Hi, it’s not easy unfortunately, as there’s no official list, and it can change depending on the region the camera is tied to and whether it’s the Chinese or International version. If you wanted to know about specific devices, we may be able to answer though.

  • I’m waiting for either the Aqara door contact sensor or motion sensor to be exposed to Homekit (ideally via the G2H US version)

    • These sensors should work fine with the G2H and be exposed to HomeKit, and it shouldn’t matter whether you bought the sensors from the US (Amazon) or from a Chinese seller (AliExpress etc). Are you having issues with them?

  • Not having any specific issues… I have been hesitant to continue building out Aqara sensors around my G2H as their official statement has been “Not all Aqara devices can be exposed to Homekit using the G2H at this time. Please contact us directly using Amazon messenger or by going to our website to get the most current list” — and last I checked, there is no current list.

    But if you think by now the door sensor and motion sensor will work that way, then I can have Siri refuse to close my shades if the window is open, and vibrate my wrist if someone walks up to the door, without having to buy a different hub.

    • Hi, I agree they should at least provide a comprehensive and regularly updated list – it would certainly make life easier for me when being asked what is and what isn’t compatible with a specific hub. The contact and motion sensors should work with the G2H, if that was a question you were wondering about.

  • I am trying to use Xiaomi Mijia Light Sensor in G2H but it’s not working. Do you have news about this? Thanks

    • Hi, Which version of the G2H do you have (Chinese or International), and which server are you connected to in the Aqara app?

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