Aqara Update Reveals Forthcoming Pro Lighting Range

Earlier this year, Aqara announced a slew of products at their annual presentation event, that includes a new range of sensors (E1 and P1 range), new LED control panels (S1 MagicPad), as well as officially revealing their latest camera, the Camera Hub G3. One section of the presentation focused on smart lighting, and specifically a range of smart lights that magnetically connect to light tracking.

These new lights, all officially listed in the Aqara app for the first time, include a Pendant light, a spot/can light with adjustable angles, some grille lights, a downfacing flood light, and a couple of smart wall lights to add mood lighting to your walls.

All of these products, with the exception of the downlights and spot light pictured above, are designed to fit lighting tracks, which we can only assume need a qualified installer. The lights themselves, as mentioned already, connect magnetically, which in some cases is a little more convenient than the traditional method of locking the lights into place with a built-in latch system.

All of these light fixtures will of course be exposed to HomeKit via a suitable hub, which at this point only really includes those hubs that use Zigbee 3.0, including the M1S, M2, P3, G3, E1, MagicPad S1, E1, and even the G2H. They will also be compatible with HomeKit’s Adaptive Lighting functionality.

As these are likely to need pro installation, it’s unlikely these will be for sale outside of Mainland China, where Aqara offers such installation services as a matter of course. We’ve heard that this range will officially launch around November 11th, so hopefully, we’ll know more then, including the price and any extra features.

Thanks to Arthur M for the heads up.

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