New Aqara Gas Leak Sensor Released

Never a company to sit still, Aqara has today released their first gas leak detector and alarm. I say their ‘first’, as although the Aqara app lists both smoke and gas alarms, depending on your server, these are Mijia branded devices, not Aqara branded ones.

This new gas leak sensor, which is only designed and certified for the Mainland China market, uses a standard plug adaptor for power, as opposed to batteries, and is listed as working with 220v, although it does work on 110-120v systems too, just not officially.

As expected, it’s designed to work with Apple HomeKit but also Mi Home, as well as the Aqara Home app, set to the Mainland China server. It uses Zigbee to communicate, although strangely, the specs don’t specifically state Zigbee 3.0 even though in the advertising blurb, the M1S is mentioned, which is designed with the newer Zigbee 3.0 devices in mind.

The sensor comes with an indicator LED that changes colour to warn of any leaks, should the audible alarm fail for any reason, as well as acting as a useful visual indicator for the hard of hearing.

Currently, the new gas leak sensor is listed on Chinese websites as available for anything between RMB219 to 249, which roughly translates to U$34-39, although if this product ever makes it to stores like AliExpress etc, you may well pay more of course.

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