Aura Air Purifier Gains HomeKit Support

Less than two years ago the landscape for HomeKit compatible Air Purifiers was pretty barren, with many relying on HomeBrdige plugins to get a Xiaomi model into their HomeKit setups. Fast forward to 2021 and we became inundated (relatively speaking) with choices from not only the likes of Vocolinc, who were among the first to get their PureFlow HomeKit certification but later on devices by MoleKule, Meross, SensiboSmartMi, and even Ikea began to hit us thick and fast.

The latest company to get the HomeKit ‘badge of honour’ is by an Israel-based company called Aura, who today at CES 2022 announced HomeKit compatibility for their Aura Air Purifier, as reported by Ed Hardy over at

The Aura Air sets itself apart from many of the others with its wide array of detection abilities, which not only includes standard things like PM10, PM2.5, and temperature & humidity sensors,  but also VOCs, Carbon Monoxide, and Carbon Dioxide.

Add to this the filter uses specialised filtration that goes beyond HEPA 13, with two trademarked features; Ray-Filter which consists of a HEPA filter, a carbon filter, and ‘Smart Copper Fabric’. This last part seems to work in conjunction with a set of UVC LEDs and another trademarked feature called ‘The Sterionizer’.

the design of the Aura is also quite unique in that it’s designed to be wall-mounted, although you can also buy a separate stand for it, in much the same style as a standing fan that can be height-adjusted.

There’s no word on whether the company’s other product will be HomeKit compatible, the Aura Mini, but given this doesn’t seem to be a device with ‘smart’ features, then it’s not going to work with any platform.

You can find out more on this device via the company’s website –

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