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Eve Room Air Quality Sensor with Thread

The Eve Room is an expensive sensor for HomeKit, but it has some great features, accuracy, and attention to detail. This latest update adds Thread support which helps improve reliability, speed, and share sensor data with less energy. But this new version still has some downsides, particularly in set-up. Let me explain…

Eve Room on Amazon:

One thought on “Eve Room Air Quality Sensor with Thread

  • $100 (US) for this sensor is… crazy. It’s just flat out crazy.

    The e-ink display adds to the cost, but it shouldn’t add that much.

    Give me the same thing without the display, maybe I would pay as much as $40 for one to mess with it. Or wait for Xiaomi to crank them out on AliExpress for $10 a pop and I’ll put one in every room.

    Eve, I’m not sure who your target market is, but as someone with a deep investment in home automation… I’m not seeing the value anywhere near this price point.

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