New Multicolour lighting from Moonside – HomeKit coming Soon…

Ever since companies like Twinkly, and to a lesser extent LiFX started to make lighting products capable of multiple colours at once, there’s now more interest in how far such technology can be taken. A seemingly new company called Moonside are keen to try, with the introduction of two new products that use multiple colour LEDs within them.

It is fair to state right away, that at the time of writing, these lamps are NOT HomeKit compatible, with both the companion app and the company website stating that integration with HomeKit and other platforms aside from the ones already supported, will be ‘coming soon’ via an OTA update. It’s always best to take these claims with a pinch of salt until the promise becomes a reality, so unless you’re happy with existing support from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT or SmartThings, then it’s best to wait.

The two products in question are the Lamp One, a small side lamp, shaped like a Chinese lantern, and the Neon Lighthouse, which takes things in a rather more original direction. The latter is essentially a tube, not dissimilar to a Glowstick or a multicolour take on fluorescent tube lighting. Both products are capable of producing an array of colours at one time, with the Lighthouse containing a staggering 90 individually addressable ‘dynamic colour zones’. The Lamp one goes even further, with a whopping 120 dynamic colour zones. This, we assume, is to make the colours blend without a hint of actual visibly discernable zones of light when perused.

Both the Lamp One and Neon lighthouse come with a 40in / 100cm long USB-C power cable, as well as a 15W USB power adaptor. Both use WiFi for connection to your network, with Bluetooth LE 4.2 is used for initial setup only, and are capable of the standard 16 million colours, and a claim of up to 50,000 hours, or 10 years of average usage.

The difference with the Neon Lighthouse is that it comes with four different metallic colour options for the base – blue, black, green (looks gold in the image…), or pink.

Additionally, customers can purchase an optional base holder in either silver or black, priced at US$19.90

The price for the Lamp one is currently US$69.90, with the Neon lighthouse priced at US$67.90. You can check out or purchase these products from the company now, via their own website.

Thanks to Eric Yao for the headsup.

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