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Aqara A100 Zigbee Smart Lock with Apple HomeKey

The Aqara A100 Zigbee is the company’s flagship smart lock available outside of China, which is part of a lineup of three locks in the A100 series; The A100, the A100 Pro, and this, the A100 Zigbee.

The A100 Zigbee features multiple methods by which you can unlock the door, which includes;

  • A fingerprint sensor
  • A keypad for passcodes
  • Apple HomeKey (NFC+)
  • Aqara NFC cards
  • Emergency keys

There’s also an option to power up the lock using a power bank via the USB-C port if the batteries unexpectedly die. Apple HomeKey also allows you to still unlock the door, even if your iPhone’s battery has died (Express mode only).

The Lock doesn’t require an Aqara hub for HomeKit functionality, or for some basic features even via the Aqara app, although with a Hub you get access to many more features, including automation integration.

In this video, I go through nearly all the features of the lock, including HomeKit integration and using Apple HomeKey, as well a ton of extras via the Aqara app.

Full disclosure: Aqara provided the lock and fitting free of charge, but no monetary compensation or sponsorship was offered. These facts are not in any way influenced by the opinions voiced in this video, and Aqara will not have seen this video or my feelings on this product before publication.

The Aqara A100 Zigbee is currently only available in some parts of Asia as well as Russia, but Aqara are planning to expand availability to other regions later in the year.

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5 thoughts on “Aqara A100 Zigbee Smart Lock with Apple HomeKey

  • Will this make it to the states?

    • It’s possible, but probably not so likely, as these types of locks aren’t as common as standard deadbolts in the US. That said, if there’s enough interest and demand, then maybe.

  • I can’t find where to buy it. Do you know?

    • Where are you based? The A100 Zigbee lock is only currently available in parts of South-East Asia, and Russia.

  • Hi Simon, thanks for this comprehensive review. I’m quite convinced on getting this lock. But I just need a bit more info. I’m in Singapore and I am able to get my hands on this lock (international version) via a local distributor that offers installation as well.

    Wondering on the software side, if this can be installed in HomeKit mode on the aqara app (all my other devices on it are on this mode). I do have an account with aqara that is tagged to the china server, but I am not sure if I have to migrate these devices (like the AC controller from China, G2H Cam) to a new account if I can’t do this on HomeKit mode.

    Also, in the apple home app, will new options like “manage access” (like if you use the new Schlage Encode Plus – seen reviews showing this option in the home app) be available to manage passcodes for multiple users, directly from the home app? My current august lock does not seem to show this feature at all even though I have the additional keypad (and it might be because it has no home key feature).

    Hope you’d be able to answer my questions. Thank you!

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