Nanoleaf/Secretlab MAGRGB Light Strip – First Look

The latest product with Thread is already upon us – a collaboration between Secretlab and Nanoleaf –  the MAGRGB Diffused LED Strip – and today we’re giving you a quick look at the product, its connections, and how it looks. Enjoy!

The strip comes in at 1.5m/59in and can be extended by up to 10m/32.8ft. The controller that comes with the strip is pretty much the same as the one you would get with Nanoleaf’s own Essentials colour strip, only in black, although the connector from the controller to the strip is different. The power supply is also much the same, but one again in black.

As this strip is designed to sit in a recess for Secretlabs’ own gaming table, the strip is a lot deeper than standard strips, so the sides are black, which means colour only emanates from the front of the strip itself.

Due to the strip being designed for the Secretlabs desk, which is made of steel, the strip comes with a series of magnets on the underside, which allows it to adhere without the need for double-sided stickers of the kind you tend to get with standard light strips. The connection from the controller to the strip is proprietary and fits at 90º to the strip itself.

The strip also has a diffuser built-in, so individual LEDs are barely visible even at the lowest light levels.

As the strip is HomeKit compatible and uses Thread, you can add it directly to the Home app if you wish. The device has a QR Code but also has an NFC chip for even easier pairing. Once added, you get all the standard controls. you can also see that further controls are available via the Nanoleaf app.

As mentioned, the MAGRGB is fully controllable in the Nanoleaf app, with all the same controls and features you would see with Nanoleaf’s own multicolour options.

Multicolour scenes can also be exported to the Home app, even if those can’t be edited in the Home app themselves.

2 thoughts on “Nanoleaf/Secretlab MAGRGB Light Strip – First Look

  • Is the color similar to a LIFX Z? I wonder if it would stick to the back of my tv… slowly going all thread here

    • Yes, it’s similar although as the colour comes out from the front, and not so much from the sides, the direction of the lighting is more focused. It’s also 1.5m so a little short for a TV. You might be better off with the Nanoleaf essentials strip. It uses Thread too.

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