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ZemiSmart Zigbee Smart Lock

ZemiSmart continues its plan to add more of its Zigbee products to HomeKit via the ZemiSmart Hub, and on this occasion, we’re looking at the Zigbee version of their smart lock that – unlike most smart locks in HomeKit – dispenses with Bluetooth and solely utilises Zigbee.

This Mortice lock comes with a fingerprint sensor built into the handle, a keypad (that also has a built-in doorbell function), and also comes with standard keys and IC keycards. It even features ‘Passage’ mode, which allows the lock to stay in the unlocked state.

The two things that let the product down for many is that it has no waterproofing at all, so it’s only of use if it’s protected by some form of roof or porch. The features in the app also need a bit of attention, as there are a couple of quite large bugs in there.

I should state that I had to test the lock using a demo door, as it wouldn’t fit my front door well enough for the purposes of demonstrating the features.

  • UK users can buy the lock and hub together on Amazon.co.uk (affiliate link).

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