IKEA Dirigera: New Matter Hub Officially Announced

We previously reported that IKEA will release a new hub. Now The Verge has received more information on this, where the hub should not be released before October. In addition to Zigbee, the device will also support Thread.

The current gateway from IKEA is already on sale. Nevertheless, there will be no new hub before October. Matter, the new smart home standard, which IKEA also plans to support going forward, is also to be released during this period. However, it is still unclear whether the new hub will have official certification from the start. Therefore, the new hub will initially be sold as “matter-ready”.

With the Dirigera Hub, IKEA will also release a completely new Home Smart app. The previous gateway will not be controlled via the new app. Instead, the previous app and the current hub should receive security updates and patches for at least three years.

But back to the new IKEA Dirigera Hub. This comes with USB-C power, as well as an Ethernet connection, and is about half the height of the current gateway. In addition to Zigbee, the new device also supports Thread and can also be integrated via Wi-Fi. The hub is intended to act as a Thread Border Router for other Thread devices in the future. After the Matter certification, other Matter devices should also be able to be connected to the hub.

There is no information about the price at the moment. As soon as we have more information, we will inform you here on HomeKit News and SmartApfel.


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