Xiaomi Release ‘Enhanced’ Update to Their Mi Desk Lamp 1S

Now in its third iteration, Xiaomi’s popular Mi Desk Lamp has been updated with ‘under-the-hood’ improvements to the lighting quality. The original, simply called the Mi Desk Lamp, was superseded by the Mi Desk Lamp 1S, which became their first HomeKit compatible lamp. Now, the newest model has been released in China, branded the Mi Desk Lamp 1S ‘Enhanced’

Design-wise, the body of the lamp doesn’t change at all from either previous generation, and so essentially looks identical. What has changed, which is alluded to in the ‘Enhanced’ part of the name, is the upgrade to the LED module; The 1S boasted a Ra90 lighting certification, whilst the Enhanced offers Ra95. This measurement is designed to reflect the accuracy of a lighting product in comparison to real-world daylight, so with a rating of Ra100, you should be getting 100% accurate daylight. As it stands, Ra95 is pretty good, even if it’s a modest step up from the previous version.

As with all the prior models, the Enhanced model will work with Xiaomi’s Mi Home app/ecosystem, as well as the Yeelight app, but will also work with Apple HomeKit. As far as we’re aware, this will not work with Apple’s Adaptive lighting feature, however, which is the case for all Xiaomi or Yeelight lighting products so far.

If you’re not familiar with this lamp, It features a foldaway design, where the light can be placed at any position between 45º above the horizontal position, to parallel to the arm portion. The dial on the base can be used to both turn the lamp on/off, as well as adjust the brightness, and even the colour temperature, with the lamp able to go from cool to warm white (2600-5100K) at 520lm max, which is the same as the previous model (MJTD01SYL), despite using more power (9w vs. 7.5w).

It’s currently listed in the usual places, like AliExpress, but it should officially go on sale internationally, via Mi Stores in various territories, for anywhere between US$50~70.

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