Smartmi Launches Jya Fjord Air Purifier in N. America (20% off Sale)

UPDATE: Whilst Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ sale has come and gone, Jya is still offering a special discount on their Fjord Air Purifier, with the Amazon listing offering US$20.00 OFF the list price OF US$399.00, but an even more generous 20% OFF via the company’s own webshop, bringing the price down to just US$319.00, which saves you US$80 off the list price.

In the last two years, smart home product manufacturer Smartmi has made a bit of a name for itself with HomeKit users – first with the launch of the very popular Smart P1 Air Purifier (check out our video & review) for small to medium rooms, and more recently the Smartmi Air Purifier 2 (…aaand, check out our video & reviewfor larger rooms.

Now the company have begun to introduce their other brand – Jya – to the North American market, which not only boasts great specs but what the company describes as a more of a ‘Nordic’ design aesthetic.

The Jya Fjord is currently the only model offered outside of Europe, and unlike the aforementioned Smartmi Air Purifiers which are tubular in shape, the Fjord (along with its big brother, the Fjord Pro) sports a more traditional oblong design, with a small control panel and OLED display on the front, as opposed to the top. Like the more recent Smartmi product, the Fjord offers not only the standard HEAP-13 filter standard but also comes with a UV light to effectively sterilise bacteria and viruses, although they’re careful to steer clear of any bold claims relating to COVID etc;

  • Large Area Coverage: Refresh the air for a 333ft² – 581ft² room
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (265 cfm), TVOC Clean Air Delivery Rate (88 cfm)
  • Powerful Purification: NanoGuard™ Technology with UV Sterilization
  • Premium and Detachable Body Design with LED Display
  • Quiet Operation: Operates at just 18.8dB in sleep mode

As expected, the Jya range is compatible with Apple HomeKit, but also Google, and Amazon, as well as being able to be added to the company’s own app, Smartmi Link. The Jya Fjord also comes with ‘go anywhere’ casters in the base, allowing the unit to be moved from room to room without having to lift it up.

Currently, the company are offering a special deal via their US website, whereby if you order the Fjord and a 6-month filter together (the Fjord is US$399, the filter is US$59), you actually get the filter for free upon checkout, with the total just coming to US$399.

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