Smartmi Introduce Uniquely Designed Humidifier

Air quality specialists Smartmi already have two HomeKit air purifiers (with a third on the way) in its range and is now announcing a special kind of humidifier called the Rainforest Humidifier.

The device is intended to simulate the natural evaporation of rain, whilst also offering a chic design. The 3-litre water tank of the Smartmi Rainforest humidifier is filled with water directly via the display on the top and distributes the water in the form of drops during operation, visible inside the device. Humidification should last up to 15 hours. The 4-segment light ring shows the water level in real-time. The humidifier has dimensions of Φ220×422mm.

This technology simulates the natural process of evaporation of rain via the use of centrifugal force – a large number of tiny water droplets flow in layers, colliding with the casing, forming a water droplet dispersal area. At the same time, the airflow passes through this distribution area to enhance the evaporative humidification effect.

Placed over the water reservoir, the polymer filter can absorb part of the water droplets and humidify the airflow coming out of the air intake. The transparent window also provides a soothing sight and sound of the droplet play.

Based on the Renard effect where water droplets collide and form anions and the principle of collision when water droplets hit the side wall of the water tank at high speed, it is like a waterfall hitting the rocks below. A healthy, pure wind is generated that is natural and pleasant, according to the manufacturer’s description.

The Smartmi Rainforest humidifier will also fit into your home via HomeKit. The price and when exactly the device will be available have not yet been given to us. But it should be available soon. As soon as we have our test device in use, we will of course report to you in detail first-hand.


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