Vocolinc Release Colorflux ‘Strip’ Floor Lamp

VOCOlinc is expanding its own product portfolio and would like to offer a corresponding floor lamp in addition to a multicoloured light strip in the future. The floor lamp is around 140cm high and can be controlled via Apple HomeKit as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The LED lamp is capable of both the standard 16 million colours, including warm to cool whites, and can also produce more than one colour at a time due to the RGBIC strip inside. Colour gradients can be created using the manufacturer’s app, but only individual colours can be set in HomeKit.

The name suggests that the already available multicoloured Lightstrip from VOCOlinc is basically used inside the lamp. We have tested this extensively in the past. The controls should therefore be identical.

The new device is already listed on for €79, but cannot yet be ordered, although it is available to order from the company’s own website.


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