Avia Unveils US Deadbolt Lock With Apple HomeKey

U.K. based smart security company Avia today revealed its latest forthcoming product designed specifically for the North America, the Avia USA Smart Deadbolt. This would appear to be the first product by the company for the US market, with its previously released door lock, the Avia Secure Smart Lock designed for mortice locks more commonly found in the UK and Continental Europe.

Whilst a smart lock isn’t anything to usually get too excited about these days, when it comes to locks with Apple HomeKey functionality, people have been taking more notice, especially since there are still only a few locks available that offer such a feature.

The company’s latest lock comes in two halves, with an outer barrel lock fixture, and an interior section that contains the thumb turn, motor, and batteries. You will also be able to use physical keys, although the reality is you may never need them, except in emergencies.

What takes the Avia model a step further is that despite the outer section being typically small, the company have ingeniously managed to include a fully working keypad along the rim of the lock, which also lights up when activated.

As already mentioned, it uses Apple HomeKey, which allows iOS users to open their doors with a suitable iPhone (iPhone 11 or later), or an Apple Watch (series four or later). This is achieved with the help of a specialised version of NFC, with a digital keycard stored in your Apple Wallet. This means, of course, it’s also compatible with Apple HomeKit. As per the company’s website, the lock uses Bluetooth for direct connectivity and is also NFC enabled, which would appear to work with the company’s optional key fob. Avia also states an optional fingerprint reader will be made available.

The lock will initially come in one finish – Satin Chrome – with further options to come later.

The most recent entrant into the area of Apple HomeKey is Level, who have just released their Level Lock+. This follows the likes of Schlage, with their Encode Plus, and the first company to release a lock with HomeKey, Aqara, who currently have two ranges that utilise this feature – the A100 series and the D100 series.

The company has yet to release the USA Smart Deadbolt, but you can express an interest in purchasing the lock via their specific landing page for this product.

Credit to Reddit user u/Phil-Dearden for the find.

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