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Nanoleaf Discounts Across Product Lines – up to 58% Off!

Nanoleaf currently have a sale on Amazon that’s offering discounts on almost their entire lineup of products, including 20% OFF the Lines Smarter Kit, 25% OFF the Hexagons Smarter Kit, and a whopping 58% OFF the Mini Triangles Smarter Kit!

Check out the list below to see the discounts available, and how much you’ll be saving

Product (link)DiscountDiscounted Price
Lines Smarter Kit20% OFFUS$159.99
Lines Expansion Pack21% OFFUS$54.99
Elements Smarter Kit20% OFFUS$199.99
Elements Expansion Pack12.5% OFFUS$69.99
Hexagon Smarter Kit25% OFFUS$149.99
Hexagon Expansion Pack21% OFFUS$54.99
Triangle Smarter Kit25% OFFUS$149.99
Triangle Expansion Pack21% OFFUS$54.99
Mini Triangle Smarter Kit58% OFFUS$49.99
Mini Triangle Expansion Pack16.67% OFFUS$99.99
Essentials Bulb30% OFFUS$13.99
Essentials 3PK26% OFFUS$36.99
Lightstrip Smarter Kit30% OFFUS$34.99
Lightstrip Expansion35% OFFUS$12.99
Canvas Smarter Kit16.7% OFFUS$149.99
Canvas Expansion Pack28% OFFUS$49.99

We’ll be taking a look at the Nanoleaf Elements Smarter Pack soon, which also is also seeing a discount of 20% OFF.

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