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Smartmi Air Purifier P2

The Smartmi P2 is in some ways looked upon as the successor to the P1, and for good reason; it now comes with a full-colour display (albeit quite small), with animated graphics, and it’s truly portable, as the P2 contains rechargeable batteries, meaning you can take it anywhere you like without worrying if there’s a power outlet within reach.

In this video, we compare it to the P1, and also look at the specs of most of the other HomeKit-compatible air purifiers in the same size range to see if it’s all “bells & whistles”, or just “hot (clean) air”…

The P2 isn’t available to buy yet, but it should be released in January 2023, and you can preorder it at much lower than its eventual retail price, via Kickstarter (link below);

Kickstarter (not an affiliate link)

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