Thread-Enabled Aqara Sensors Close to Release?

Back in January Aqara made the surprise announcement that they were ready to jump on the Thread protocol, with two Thread-enabled sensors, a motion sensor, and a contact (door/window) sensor. Since then, we’ve not heard much more, with the proposed Q2 release date having come and gone. However, it seems these two devices are getting closer to a final release, with them surfacing on the Thread Group’s official website, with Aqara officially stating these will be available in early 2023.

Not only that, but we now know that these will have an actual model, with both having P2 as the suffix to their (descriptive) names. We also get confirmation via these listings that they will also be Matter compliant;

…This status can be used to trigger the automations configured in any Matter app…

Even though these products are still not listed on the company’s official websites, with the links on the Thread Group’s website only taking you to Aqara’s front page, with the early 2023 date fixed, we’re looking forward to more Thread/Matter enabled products.

Thanks to Eric at WaveTech for the tipoff

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